Dreams Icons Guide

by TAPgiles Twitter Youtube Docs
How to Use
Circle button<circle>face button, o
Cross button<cross>face button, x
Diamond<diamond>filled shape
Down button<down>down dpad button
Directional buttons<dpad>direction pad buttons
Wireless controller<dualshock>controller, hardware
Wireless controller 3D<dualshock3d>controller, axes
Wireless controller X/Y Axis<dualshockxy>controller, lateral, pan
Wireless controller Z Axis<dualshockz>controller, lateral
Ext<ext>hardware, headset
Headset<headset>headphones microphone headset audio
Left stick<l>left analogue stick, text: L
L1<l1>left shoulder button, text: L1
L2<l2>left analogue trigger, text: L2
L3<l3>left analogue stick click, text: L3
Left button<left>left dpad button
Mic<mic>controller speaker, hardware
Move button<move>button, move icon
Move back<moveback>back view
Move front<movefront>move controller, front view
Move left<moveleft>left view
Move right<moveright>right view
SELECT button<moveselect>text: select, button
START button<movestart>text:start, button
Tilt secondary motion controller left<movetwotiltleft>motion
Tilt secondary motion controller right<movetwotiltright>motion
 <o>circle button
OPTIONS button<options>text: OPTIONS, button
Right stick<r>right analogue stick, text: R
R1<r1>right shoulder button, text: R1
R2<r2>right analogue trigger, text: R2
R3<r3>right analogue stick click, text: R3
Right button<right> 
Rock<rock>hand, rock horns, victory, success, celebration, salute
SHARE button<share>text: SHARE, button
Side diamond<sidediamond>filled shape
Square button<square>face button, square
T button<t>moves trigger, text: T
Touch pad<touchpad>hardware
Touch pad press<touchpadpress>button
Triangle button<triangle>face button
3D panning<ui3dpanning>audio, ringed planet, star
3D rotation<ui3drotate>3D circular arrow
Absolute value<uiabsolutevalue>mathematics, text: n
Active port<uiactiveport>wire, tick
Follow creation<uiactivityadd>pulse, positive, plus, add
Stop watching creation<uiactivityremove>pulse, negative, minus, subtract
Watching creation<uiactivityticked>pulse, tick
Actors<uiactors>masks, black, white, happy, sad
Add<uiadd>circle, positive, plus, add
Add hole<uiaddhole>3D, geometry, frame, isometric
Add photo<uiaddphoto>camera, positive, plus, add
Add selection<uiaddselection>bubbles, circles, collection, positive, plus, add
Add set<uiaddset>filled diamond shape, positive, plus, add
Add to collection<uiaddtocollection>bubble, collection, positive, plus, add
Add to group<uiaddtogroup>circle stack, positive, plus, add
ADSR<uiadsr>graph, articulation
Advanced rotator<uiadvancedrotator>3D, crossed circular arrows
Advanced mover<uiadvmover>3D cube, translation, panning, lateral
Advanced text displayer<uiadvtextdisplayer>speech bubbles, linked, wire
Airbrush<uiairbrush>spray spraypaint
Air control<uiaircontrol>person, parachute
Alert<uialert>warning sign, triangle, text: !
Alert flash<uialertflash>exclamation mark, spiky circle
Align bottom<uialignbottom>stack
Align left<uialignleft>stack
Align middle<uialignmiddle>stack
Align right<uialignright>stack
Align top<uialigntop>stack
All control sensors<uiallcontrollersensors>world, internet, scene, controller
Allow imp<uiallowimp>imp, tick
Always on top<uialwaysontop>card, stack
Amplitude<uiamplitude>graph, articulation, text: AMP
Anchor<uianchor>ship, sea, boat
Angle<uiangle>ratchet, bellows
Animation clip<uianimclip>film reel, tape, play, triangle
Animation path<uianimpath>dots, circles, linked
Animation permanent<uianimpermanent>circles, linked, chevrons
Animation sustain<uianimsustain>chevrons
Aperture<uiaperture>circle, camera
Apply finish<uiapplyfinish>circle, bubble, stars, shiny
Archive<uiarchive>box, in
Arm flail<uiarmflail>arm, swing
Arpeggiator menu<uiarpeggiatormenu>musical notes, 3 quavers
Arpeggiator notes<uiarpeggiatornotes>keyboard, piano, keys
Arrow anti-clockwise north east<uiarrowacne>turn left arrow, anti-clockwise up left
Arrow anti-clockwise north west<uiarrowacnw>turn down arrow, anti-clockwise left down
Arrow anti-clockwise south east<uiarrowacse>turn up arrow, anti-clockwise right up
Arrow anti-clockwise south west<uiarrowacsw>turn right arrow, clockwise down right
Arrow clockwise north east<uiarrowcne>turn down arrow, clockwise right down
Arrow clockwise north west<uiarrowcnw>turn right arrow, clockwise up right
Arrow clockwise south east<uiarrowcse>turn left arrow, clockwise down left
Arrow clockwise south west<uiarrowcsw>turn up arrow, clockwise left up
Arrow diagonal north west south east<uiarrowdnwse>double-ended arrow, top-left bottom-right
Arrow diagonal south west north east<uiarrowdswne>double-ended arrow, bottom-left top-right
Arrow east<uiarrowe>arrow right
Arrow north<uiarrown>arrow up top
Arrow north east<uiarrowne>arrow top-right
Arrow pointing down<uiarrownotaildown>chevron down
Arrow pointing left<uiarrownotailleft>chevron left
Arrow pointing right<uiarrownotailright>chevron right
Arrow pointing up<uiarrownotailup>chevron up
Arrow north south<uiarrowns>double-ended arrow, up down
Arrow north west<uiarrownw>arrow top-left
Arrow rotate north east<uiarrowrne>circular double-ended arrow, left down
Arrow rotate north west<uiarrowrnw>circular double-ended arrow, right down
Arrow rotate south east<uiarrowrse>circular double-ended arrow, left up
Arrow rotate south west<uiarrowrsw>circular double-ended arrow, right up
Arrow south<uiarrows>arrow down
Arrow south east<uiarrowse>arrow bottom-right
Arrow south west<uiarrowsw>arrow bottom-left
Arrow west<uiarroww>arrow left
Arrow west east<uiarrowwe>double-ended arrow, left right
Arrow Z<uiarrowz>3D double-ended arrow forward back
Attached at both ends<uiattachedbothends>squares linked
Attached to objects<uiattachedtoobject>squares linked, selected end
Attract repulse<uiattractrepulse>magnet pull push
Audio effects<uiaudioeffects>graph, disolve, disintegrate
Audio filter<uiaudiofilter>graph, articulated
Auto 3D panning<uiauto3dpanning>audio, ringed planet, star, tick
Autofit<uiautofit>rectangle, double-ended arrow, left right
Auto guides<uiautoguides>graph, cog
Auto-update<uiautoupdate>tree, double circular arrow, recycle
X-axis<uiaxisx>text: X
X-axis move<uiaxisxmove>text: X, 2 pan arrows
X-axis rotate<uiaxisxrotate>letter, 3 circular arrows
Y-axis<uiaxisy>text: Y
Y-axis move<uiaxisymove>letter, 2 pan arrows
Y-axis rotate<uiaxisyrotate>letter, 3 circlular arrows
Z-axis<uiaxisz>text: Z
Z-axis move<uiaxiszmove>letter, 2 pan arrows
Z-axis rotate<uiaxiszrotate>letter, 3 circular arrows
Back<uiback>left arrow, circular arrow up left, undo
Balloon<uiballoon>object, round, shiny
Basic puppet<uibasicpuppet>person, unfilled
Beacon<uibeacon>tower, wireless, wifi
Bends<uibends>hand, point, 2 arrows up down
Bicycle<uibicycle>object, vehicle
Big brush<uibigbrush>bristles
Biped<uibiped>person, filled
Biped bottom<uibipedbottom>person legs
Biped top<uibipedtop>person upper body
Black bars<uiblackbars>cinematic, cut scene, tv teeth
Blast<uiblast>explosion, ignite, flash
Bloom<uibloom>clouds, sun ray, sunlight
Bolt<uibolt>hexagon, circle
Border opacity<uiborderopacity>stripes, square
Border properties<uiborderproperties>cog, square
Border width<uiborderwidth>square, double-ended arrow left right, gap
Bounce<uibounce>ball, physics
Box<uibox>3D cube
Break chain<uibreakchain>chain link break
Brush edit<uibrushedit>bristles, cog
Bubbles<uibubbles>bubbles, unfilled, shiny
Bump<uibump>physics, collide, collision
Burst<uiburst>explosion, pop
Button click<uibuttonclick> 
Button double click<uibuttondoubleclick> 
Button hold<uibuttonhold> 
Calculator<uicalculator>gadget, mathematics, arithmetic
Calculator (alt)<uicalculatoralt>mathematics
Cameras and lighting<uicamandlight>film camera, light bulb
Crazy<uicamcrazy>tick, graph
Camera distance<uicamdistance>film camera, person, ruler
Ease in<uicameasein>graph
Ease out<uicameaseout>graph
Camera<uicamera>film camera right
Camera height<uicamheight>film camera, ruler
Linear<uicamlinear>straight line
Camera shaker<uicamshaker>tv screen, rectangle
Smooth<uicamsmooth>graph, s, snake
Camera target<uicamtarget>film camera, target reticle
Camera tilt<uicamtilt>film camera, 2 circular arrows
Category<uicategory>box, tag, label
Centre of gravity<uicentreofgravity>person, apple, double-ended arrows up down, center centre of gravity
Chain<uichain>chain link
Jam podium<uichallengepodium>award, wreath, podium
Jam progress one<uichallengeprogressone>star, step 1
Jam progress three<uichallengeprogressthree>star, step 3
Jam progress two<uichallengeprogresstwo>star, step 2
Submit jam<uichallengesubmit>arrow up, spiky circle
Voted jam<uichallengevoted>star, spike circle
Checkpoint<uicheckpoint>pin, tick
Microchip<uichip>microchip, logic, circuit board
Chord menu<uichordmenu>keys, keyboard, piano
Chorus and delay<uichorusanddelay>concentric circles
Chromatic abberation<uichromaticabb>circles overlapping
Circle<uicircle>circle, wonky
Clapper<uiclapper>film, movie, take
Clipped mirror<uiclippedmirror>3D mirror, person bust, black white, frame
Dotted clock<uiclockdotted> 
Clouds<uiclouds>2 clouds
Cloud save<uicloudsave>cloud up arrow, upload
Add coat<uicoatadd>bucket pour, plus, positive, add
Subtract coat<uicoatsubtract>bucket pour, minus, negative, subtract
Coat tools<uicoattools>bucket pour, wrench, spanner
Collectable<uicollectible>backpack, arrow down
Collection<uicollection>bubbles, circles, collection
Collidable<uicollidable>circles, collision, collide, explosion
Collision detect both<uicollidedetectboth>circle, crossed out, disallowed
Collision height<uicollisionheight>person aura, 2 arrows up down
Collision position<uicollisionpos>person aura, arrow left
Collision width<uicollisionwidth>person aura 2 arrows right left
Comb<uicomb>waves, hair, bristles
Combiner<uicombiner>paths meeting, arrow right
Comment<uicomment>speech bubble
Comments<uicomments>2 speech bubbles
Compass<uicompass>compass, circle, octagon
Components<uicomponents>3 squares, linked, wires
Cone<uicone>triangle up
Connect<uiconnect>2 circles, square, linked
Connection<uiconnection>wireless, wifi, communication, rss
Contrast<uicontrast>circle, half, halves, white black
Left/Right buttons<uicontroldpadleftright>left and right dpad buttons
Up/Down buttons<uicontroldpadupdown>dpad
Controlled scale<uicontrolledscale>cube box, arrow up
Controller page 1<uicontrollerpageone>wired controller, text: 1
Controller page 3<uicontrollerpagethree>wired controller, text: 3
Controller page 2<uicontrollerpagetwo>wired controller, text: 2
Controller possessed<uicontrollerpossessed>controller imp
Controller sensor<uicontrollersensor>controller cogs
Controller speaker<uicontrollersound>controller speaker
Cookie<uicookie>filled donut, doughnut, flattened sphere, ball
Counter<uicounter>clicker, tally, 001, numbers, button
Counter output<uicounteroutput>clicker, tally, 001, numbers, button, arrow right
Count in<uicountin>clicker, tally, 001, button
Create aniamtion<uicreateanim>film, movie, reel, plus, positive, add, text: +
Creation settings<uicreationsettings>hexagon 2 cogs
Crop<uicrop>square, dotted
Cross<uicross>x button
Cross circled<uicrosscircled>x, filled circle
Cross (hollow)<uicrosshollow>x, unfilled circle
Current health<uicurrenthealth>half heart
Currently affecting health<uicurrentlyaffectinghealth>heart, 6 cogs, shake, movement
Custom subs<uicustomsubs>tv screen, cog, subtitles
Cutout<uicutout>square, door
Cylinder<uicylinder>circle, 3D circular prism
Damage<uidamage>triangle warning, broken heart
Damp X<uidampx>spring, letter
Damp Y<uidampy>spring, letter
Damp Z<uidampz>spring, text: Z
Double jump height<uidbljumpheight>person jump, ruler, double chevron
Deceleration<uideceleration>left 3 chevrons
Default surface<uidefaultsurface>wireless wifi, echo, sunrise, ground
Delay<uidelay>concentric circles, wonky
Delay a<uidelaya>concentric circles, wonky, text: A
Delay b<uidelayb>concentric circles, wonky, text: B
Delay c<uidelayc>concentric circles, wonky, text: C
Delay d<uidelayd>concentric circles, wonky, text: D
Delay effects<uidelayeffects>concentric circles, wonky, 3 stars
Delete<uidelete>x unfilled circle
Delete glue<uideleteglue>glue pot, spill, crossed circle
Depossess<uidepossess>headless person, imp, circular arrow up right
Deselect all<uideselectall>bubbles, circles, x, collection
Detect all<uidetectall>pimple, dot, circle, wireless, wifi, inner outer
Detect here<uidetecthere>pimple, dot, circle, wireless, wifi, inner
Detect not here<uidetectnothere>pimple, dot, circle, wireless, wifi, outer
Dirt<uidirt>pile, mound
Disable controls<uidisablecontrols>controller, crossed circle
Disconnect<uidisconnect>2 circles, broken wire
Disconnection<uidisconnection>wireless, wifi, rss, filled circle cross, broken
Distortion<uidistortion>hand, rock horns
Door<uidoor>open door
Double arrow left<uidoublearrowleft>2 chevrons left
Double arrow right<uidoublearrowright>2 chevrons right
Double jump<uidoublejump>person jump, 2 chevrons up
Draw<uidraw>smear, squares, stack
Dropdown<uidropdown>triangle down
Reverse dropdown<uidropdownr>triangle up
Droplet<uidroplet>tear, rain, water, liquid, drip
Controller sensor<uidssensor>controller, 2 hearts, love
DualShock motion<uidualshockmotion>controller, 3D circular double-ended arrow left right
Duck<uiduck>quack, swimming
Dynamics compressor<uidynamicscompressor>dial, cooker, meter
Effect fields search<uieffectfieldsearch>graph, disintegrate, search magnifying glass
Effect mode<uieffectmode>3 stars
Add effect<uieffectsadd>3 stars, filled circle, plus add positive
Subtract effect<uieffectssubtract>3 stars, filled circle, minus subtract negative
Effects visibility<uieffectsvisibility>bucket pour, s, 3 stars, style
Effect tools<uieffecttools>spanner wrench, 3 stars
Elastic<uielastic>two circles, stretch, connector joint
Ellipsoid<uiellipsoid>flattened squashed filled sphere
Emitter<uiemitter>gadget, arrow up right, 3 circles, shoot, fire
Emit wires<uiemitwires>wire, tick
Enter<uienter>open door, arrow left, in
Enter group<uientergroup>circles, stack, arrow right, in
Envelope depth<uienvdepth>graph, text: + / -
Envelope<uienvelope>graph, articulate, audio
Envelope follower mode<uienvelopefollowermode>mountain, audio, graph
Environment<uienvironment>mountain, sun, moon
Exit<uiexit>door out, arrow left, back
Exit performance mode<uiexitperfmode>imp swish, arrow left, back
Fast-forward<uifastforward>play, increase speed
Feedback<uifeedback>concentric circles, ripples, wireless wifi
Forward ten seconds<uifftensecs>play, skip 10 seconds, text: 10
Field of view<uifieldofview>camera, frustrum, scan
Filmstrip<uifilmstrip>film reel, movie, unfilled
Filter<uifilter>empty unfilled funnel
Filter On<uifilteron>filled funnel
FK<uifk>forward kinematics, text: FK
Flag<uiflag>flagpole, golf
Flash<uiflash>spiky circle
Flee mode<uifleemode>ghost triangle left, avoid
Floor grid<uifloorgrid>3D floor
Fog<uifog>cloud, smoke
Follower<uifollower>ghost triangle right person, chase
Follower direction dampening<uifollowerdirectiondamp>spring suspension compass
Follow imp<uifollowimp>imp concentric circles, wireless wifi
Follow mode<uifollowmode>ghost chase, triangle right
Foot impact<uifootimpact>splash explosion ground
Foot scrape<uifootscrape>friction ground, sparks
Target found<uifoundtarget>circular target reticle, tick
Frequency modulation 1<uifreqmodone>graph, number 1
Frequency modulation 2<uifreqmodtwo>graph, number 2
Friction<uifriction>circle, ball, shiny, sparks
Frozen<uifrozen>snowflake, freeze
Gadget<uigadget>remote buttons, wireless wifi, sparks, broken, antenna
Gaining health<uigaininghealth>heart, plus positive add, text: +
Gameplay gear<uigameplaygear>person run, pin, tick, 3 cogs
Gate closed<uigateclosed>garden pen gate, picket fence
Gate open<uigateopen>garden pen gate, picket fence
Genealogy<uigenealogy>5 circles, linked, spider diagram
Get<uiget>door out, arrow right
Ghost<uighost>happy ghost casper
Gift bubble<uigiftbubble>bubble, circle, cube wrapped gift
Global settings<uiglobalsettings>world, internet, cogs
Globe<uiglobe>world, internet
Glue<uiglue>glue pot, spill
Grab sensor<uigrabsensor>hand open up
Grade<uigrade>polaroid photo, 3 stars
Grain drop<uigraindrop>2 circles, filled, dotted
Granular delay<uigranulardelay>concentric circles wonky, splat, dots, delay
Granular synthesis<uigranularsynthesis>circle disintegrate, dots
Grass<uigrass>spike spikey, explosion, sparks
Gravel<uigravel>turtle tortoise shell, patio, rockery
Grid<uigrid>waffle, chess board, 4 x 4
Grid centre<uigridcenter>sign post, stack, pole
Grid edge<uigridedge>stack, wall
Grid snap<uigridsnap>waffle, circle, chess board piece
Grid surface<uigridsurface>bristles, wall
Grid zoom<uigridzoom>waffle, chess board, search magnifying glass
Grip<uigrip>broken hexagon, dot circle
Guide<uiguide>3D book
Guides<uiguides>graph, dot circle
R2 half press<uihalfpress>right analogue trigger, light press, wall, triangle left
Hard blend<uihardblend>double-ended arrow top-left bottom-right,
Headphones balance<uiheadphonesbalance>headphones, double-ended arrows left right
Health impact<uihealthimpact>heart, explosion spark
Health modifier<uihealthmodifier>heart, 6 cogs
Heart<uiheart>heart wonky
Hearts<uihearts>2 hearts, unfilled heart
Heat<uiheat>fire, flame
Helpers<uihelpers>camera, light bulb lit, joint connector 3 circles linked, unfilled circle
Hexagon<uihexagon>3D hexagonal prism
Hidden<uihidden>eye closed
High cut<uihighcut>graph
Hollow circle<uihollowcircle>unfilled circle
Hollow hexagon<uihollowhexagon>unfilled hexagon, unfilled 3D cube
home<uihome>house, open door, garage
Homespace theme<uihomespacetheme>house open door garage, palette, paint brush, bristles
Horizon<uihorizon>sun, water waves ripple
Hovered<uihovered>imp circle target
Hud<uihud>circle target, 3 hearts, text: 123 Abc, gauge
Ignore collision<uiignorecollide>2 circles, overlaping
IK<uiik>inverse kinematics, text: IK
Impact sensitivity<uiimpactsensitivity>3D circle bubble shiny, wireless wifi rss
Impact sensor<uiimpactsensor>3D circle bubble shiny, bounce, bent arrow, ground floor shadow
Impasto<uiimpasto>bridge, comb over hair
Imp dock<uiimpdock>imp, car side
Imp scale 1:1<uiimponetoone>ratio, text: 1:1
Imp rhythm<uiimprhythm>imp, turn 3D circular arrow left
Imp stretch<uiimpstretch>imp stretch, ruler
Imp tool<uiimptool>imp 2 cogs
Info<uiinfo>letter text: i
Info circled<uiinfocircled>text: i, filled circle
Inner radius<uiinnerradius>unfilled circle, dotted outer circle
Input / output<uiinputoutput>node through, 2 arrows right unfilled circle
Interval jitter<uiintervaljitter>2 filled circles, clock 4:00 12:20
Inventory<uiinventory>backpack closed
Invert<uiinvertinput>graph, crossed lines
Is dead<uiisdead>skull death, tick, filled circle
Possessed<uiispossessed>imp body, tick, filled circle
Joints<uijoints>joint connector, 3 circles linked, 2 filled circles, unfilled circle
Joint target position<uijointtarget>ruler, arrow down
Jump<uijump>person filled jump
Jump ascent<uijumpascent>person filled jump up right, arrow up right
Jump descent<uijumpdescent>person filled fall down right trail, arrow down right
Jump height<uijumpheight>person filled jump, ruler
Jump peak<uijumppeak>person filled jump right, circular arrow arc down right
Just collected<uijustcollected>backpack closed, tick, unfilled circle
Keep value on rewind<uikeepvalue>box, rewind 2 triangles left
Keyboard<uikeyboard>keys buttons, space bar
Keyframe smoothing<uikeyframesmooth>diamonds, linked dotted
Landing impact<uilandingimpact>person filled, land, spark, ground floor
Laser scope<uilaserscope>laser beam, lolipop
Laser scope falloff<uilaserscopefalloff>dot circle, ripple, wireless wifi
Launch PS4™ system<uilaunchps4> 
Layers<uilayers>3D stack, 3 layers
Lean<uilean>person filled lean right, chevron right
Lean lag<uileanlag>person filled run right, chevron left, chevron right
Leave<uileave>door open, arrow right
Leave group<uileavegroup>circles stack, left arrow
Left heel strike<uileftheelstrike>foot left, spark, ground floor
Left motor<uileftmotor>controller, left wireless wifi
Legato<uilegato>music notes notation
Length jitter<uilengthjitter>circle filled, ruler
Lens flare<uilensflare>circle filled, 2 circles unfilled, camera effect
Letter<uiletter>rectangle, envelope
Light brush<uilightbrush>brush, sparkles
Lightning<uilightning>electricity, power
Lightning flash<uilightningflash>lightning electricity power, spiky circle
Light off<uilightoff>light bulb unlit
Light on<uilighton>light bulb lit
Light switch<uilightswitch>switch up
Light switch off<uilightswitchoff>switch up off white, text: 0 1
Light switch on<uilightswitchon>switch down on black, text: 0 1
Thumbs up<uiliked>hand thumbs up, tick
Local<uilocal>world internet scene, pin
Locked<uilocked>padlock closed locked
Logic<uilogic>3 gates, OR, XOR exclusive OR, AND
AND<uilogicand>AND gate
NOT<uilogicnot>NOT gate
OR<uilogicor>OR gate
XOR<uilogicxor>XOR gate, exclusive OR
Look at<uilookat>head eyes, arrow top right dotted
Look at rotator<uilookatrotator>eye open, circular arrow down right dotted
Loop<uiloop>2 arrows circular right left, refresh recycle
Looseness<uilooseness>fluff ball whirlpool sun black hole
Losing health<uilosinghealth>heart, minus negative subtract, text: -
Low cut<uilowcut>graph
Lumberingness<uilumbering>person filled shoulders, 2 arrows down left, down right
Machine<uimachine>rectangle, wheels, pipes
Magnet<uimagnet>magnet right
Magnet minus<uimagnetminus>magnet left, minus negative subtract, text: -
Magnet plus<uimagnetplus>magnet right, plus positive add, text: +
Magnet plus minus<uimagnetplusminus>magnet right, plus positive add, minus negative subtract, text: + -
Map<uimap>half-folded map
Masks<uimasks>tv screen, teeth
Maximum at once<uimaxatonce>cannon explosion, ball circle bubble filled shiny, fly top right
Maximum emitted<uimaxemitted>3 balls circles
Maximum length<uimaxlength>ruler end, chevron down
Merge strokes<uimergestrokes>filled cirlce, plus positive add, linked wires
Metal<uimetal>gold metal bar, shiny
Mirror<uimetallicmirror>mirror pivot stand
Metronome<uimetronome>music timing tempo
Microphone<uimicrophone>old microphone pivot stand
Min jump height<uiminjumpheight>person filled, short vertical ruler
Minimum length<uiminlength>ruler horizontal, chevron down
Minus circled<uiminuscircled>filled circle, minus negative subtract, text: -
Mirror<uimirror>mirror person bust filled unfilled, frame
Mix character<uimixchar>filled person wave, 4 vertical sliders
Mixer<uimixer>4 vertical sliders
Mix gameplay<uimixgameplay>controller, 4 vertical sliders
Mix general<uimixgeneral>speaker, wireless wifi, 4 vertical sliders
Mix music<uimixmusic>musical notes beamed quavers quaver, 4 vertical sliders
Mix voice<uimixvoice>old microphone pivot stand, 4 vertical sliders
Model<uimodel>rock moss paint goo
Grief report<uimoderate>exclamation part point, lesser spiky circle
Modes<uimodes>speaker wireless wifi, squiggle paint, 3D trianle triangular prism
More<uimore>ellipsis, dot dot dot
Motion blur<uimotionblur>person run right, speed
Motion sensor movement<uimotionsensormovement>controller, circle double-ended arrow up-right up-left, arrow forward, arrow back
Motor bolt<uimotorbolt>hexagon, circle, 2 circular arrows down-right up-left, joint connector
Move<uimove>4 arrows up right down left, dot circle, position
Motion controllers move apart<uimoveaway> 
Motion controller bottom<uimovebottom> 
Flick Motion Controller any direction<uimoveflickanydir> 
Movement sensor<uimovementsensor>ball circle bubble shiny, speed
Primary motion controller<uimoveone>primary move front, text: 1
Motion controller 1 bottom, text: 1<uimoveonebottom> 
Flick motion controller 1 any direction, text: 1<uimoveoneflickanydir> 
Motion controller 1 tilt, text: 1<uimoveonetilt> 
Tilt primary motion controller left<uimoveonetiltleft>move front, text: 1, circular arrow anti-clockwise down, instruction
Tilt primary motion controller right<uimoveonetiltright>move front, text: 1, circular arrow clockwise down, instruction
Motion controller 1 top, text: 1<uimoveonetop> 
Motion controller 1 to motion controller 2 base<uimoveonetotwobase> 
Motion controller 1 twist, text: 1<uimoveonetwist> 
Motion controller 1 twist left, text: 1<uimoveonetwistleft> 
Motion controller 1 twist right, text: 1<uimoveonetwistright> 
Mover<uimover>3D cube moving, arrow up right
Move sculpt<uimovesculpt>3D cube, 4 arrows up right down left dot circle position
Move sound<uimovesound>4 arrows up right down left dot circle position, speaker waves ripple wireless wifi
Move stroke<uimovestroke>4 arrows up right down left dot circle position, paint squiggle
Motion controller tilt<uimovetilt>move front, 2 circular arrows clockwise down, anti-clockwise down
Motion controllers move together<uimovetogether> 
Motion controller top<uimovetop> 
Motion controllers touch bases<uimovetouchbase> 
Motion controllers touch spheres<uimovetouchspheres> 
Motion controller<uimovetwist> 
Motion controller twist left<uimovetwistleft> 
Motion controller twist right<uimovetwistright> 
Secondary motion controller<uimovetwo>secondary move front, text: 2
Motion controller 2 bottom, text: 2<uimovetwobottom> 
Flick motion controller 2 any direction<uimovetwoflickanydir> 
Secondary motion controller tilt<uimovetwotilt> 
Motion controller 2 to motion controller 1 base<uimovetwotoonebase> 
Motion controller 2 top<uimovetwotop> 
Motion controller 2 twist<uimovetwotwist> 
Motion controller 2 twist left<uimovetwotwistleft> 
Motion controller 2 twist right<uimovetwotwistright> 
Mug<uimug>mug cup, pause wait, hot heat wavey lines, tea coffee cocoa
Multi-language<uimultilanguage>speech bubble, letter a, japanese character
Music<uimusic>musical notation note, double quaver, quaver
Music bar<uimusicbar>scale, timing, bar, stack
Music clip<uimusicclip>rectangle, modern art
Music clip search<uimusicclipsearch>rectangle, modern art, magnifying glass
Music search<uimusicsearch>musical notation note double quaver quaver
Music snap<uimusicsnap>music note crotchet, explosion spark
New<uinew>plus positive add, text: +, spiky circle
New sculpt<uinewsculpt>3D cube, plus positive add, filled circle
New stroke<uinewstroke>squiggle paint, plus positive add, filled circle
No clone<uinoclone>crossed circle, no sheep
Node<uinode>node through, circle, 2 arrows right
Node in<uinodein>node input, circle, arrow right
Node out<uinodeout>node output, circle arrow right
No entry<uinoentry>crossed circle, banned
No ghost<uinoghost>crossed circle, ghost
No health<uinohealth>heart, x cross
Noise scale<uinoisescale>fog cloud smoke, expand, 4 arrows up-left up-right down-left down-right
Noise speed<uinoisespeed>fog cloud smoke, speed gauge
Noise strength<uinoisestrength>fog cloud smoke
Non uniform scale<uinonuniformscale>rectangle square
No repeat<uinorepeat>x cross, 2 clockwise circular arrows up down
Normal and center speakers<uinormalandcenterspeakers>surround speakers left right center, 3 filled circles, 2 unfilled circles
Normal speakers<uinormalspeakers>surround speakers left right, 2 filled circles, 3 unfilled circles
Note<uinote>page writing post-it corner
Note eighth<uinoteeighth>music note, quaver
Note eighth dot<uinoteeighthdot>music note, dotted quaver
Note eighth triplet<uinoteeighthtriplet>music note, quaver triplet, text: 3
Note half<uinotehalf>music note, minim
Note half dot<uinotehalfdot>music note, dotted minim
Note half triplet<uinotehalftriplet>music note, minim triplet, text: 3
Note off<uinoteoff>music note, crotchet, filled circle x cross
Note on<uinoteon>music note, crotchet, filled circle tick
Note quarter<uinotequarter>music note, crotchet
Note quarter dot<uinotequarterdot>music note, dotted crotchet
Note quarter triplet<uinotequartertriplet>music note, crotchet triplet, number 3
Note sixteenth<uinotesixteenth>music note, semiquaver
Note sixteenth dot<uinotesixteenthdot>music note, dotted semiquaver
Note sixteenth triplet<uinotesixteenthtriplet>music note, semiquaver triplet, text: 3
Note sixty fourth<uinotesixtyfourth>music note
Note sixty fourth dot<uinotesixtyfourthdot>music note dotted
Note sixty fourth triplet<uinotesixtyfourthtriplet>music note triplet, text: 3
Note thirty second<uinotethirtysecond>music note
Note thirty second dot<uinotethirtyseconddot>music note dotted
Note thirty second triplet<uinotethirtysecondtriplet>music notetriplet, text: 3
Note whole<uinotewhole>music whole note
Note whole dot<uinotewholedot>music dotted whole note
Note whole triplet<uinotewholetriplet>music whole note triplet, text: 3
Notifications<uinotifications>bell wonky
Number<uinumber>text: 1 2 3
Number displayer<uinumberdisplayer>tv screen, numbers 1 2 3
Octave spread<uioctavespread>musical keyboard double-ended dashed arrows left right
Off-screen kill<uioffscreenkill>tv screen, skull death
Opacity<uiopacity>circle overlapping
Open sound<uiopensound>speaker wireless wifi waves ripple, magnifying glass
Origin<uiorigin>3D axes, graph
Oscillator<uioscillator>graph sine
Oscillator mix<uioscillatormix>graph cosign, vertical sliders
Outer radius<uiouterradius>circle, inner dotted
Output 1<uioutputone>circle arrow right, text: 1
Output 2<uioutputtwo>circle arrow right, text: 2
Overview<uioverview>6 circles dots, magnifying glass, search collection
Paint bucket<uipaintbucket>dark bucket drip
Paint bucket outline<uipaintbucketoutline>light bucket drip
Clone on disc<uipaintclonedisc>dominoes circle
Clone jitter<uipaintclonejitter>volume EQ equaliser
Clone along line<uipaintcloneline>dominoes, vertical lines horiozontal stack
Clone on plane<uipaintcloneplane>dominoes 2 queues
Clone in a sphere<uipaintclonesphere>dominoes scattered
Paint finish<uipaintfinish>sparkes 3 stars, squiggle paint
Paint pour<uipaintpour>paint pour
Rotate clones in all directions<uipaintrotatealldir>star, 8 pointed asterisk
Rotate clones around a cylinder<uipaintrotatecylinder>star, 3D 8 pointed asterisk
Rotate clones around a hemisphere<uipaintrotatehemisphere>side half asterisk
Paint smear<uipaintsmear>squiggle paint
Palette<uipalette>art palette, brush bristles
Pause<uipause>pause, 2 vertical bars
Pencil<uipencil>pencil writing
Perform<uiperform>imp trail
Photo camera<uiphotocam>camera
Physics<uiphysics>geometry, square rectangle circle
Physics pendulum<uiphysicspendulum>newton’s cradle
Pickup bubble<uipickupbubble>circle, key
Pin<uipin>thumb tack, push pin
Pin to screen<uipintoscreen>tv screen, thumb tack push pin
Picture-in-picture<uipip>tv screen, rectangle picture-in-picture
Maximise picture-in-picture<uipipmaximise>tv screen, rectangle picture-in-picture, arrow up left
Minimise picture-in-picture<uipipminimise>tv screen, rectangle picture-in-picture, arrow down right
Piston<uipiston>joint connector
Pitch coarse<uipitchcoarse>graph, 2 double-chevrons up down
Pitch fine<uipitchfine>graph, 2 chevrons up down
Pitch interval<uipitchinterval>graph, 5 dots, normal distribution
Pitch jitter<uipitchjitter>graph
Pixellate<uipixellate>tv screen, checkerboard
Play<uiplay>play, triangle right
Play both directions<uiplayboth>triangle right left
Played<uiplayed>controller, tick, filled circle
Player four<uiplayerfour>controller, text: 4, player 4
Player level<uiplayerlevel>light bulb off, curly
Player one<uiplayerone>controller, text: 1, player 1
Player ownership<uiplayerownership>tote bag
Player three<uiplayerthree>controller, number 3, player 3
Player two<uiplayertwo>controller, number 2, player 2
Playhead position<uiplayheadposition>imp, horizontal scale
Play mode<uiplaymode>controller wonky
Plus circled<uipluscircled>plus positive add, filled circle
Portal backwards<uiportalbackwards>chevron left
Portal bi-directional<uiportalbidirection>2 chevrons left right
Portal forwards<uiportalforwards>chevron right
Possession<uipossession>imp body
Possession recorder<uipossessionrecorder>sock puppet, googly eyes, film reel
Possession no visual<uipossessnoviz>imp, crossed circle
Possession visual body<uipossessvizbody>imp, hexagon
Possession visual eyes<uipossessvizeyes>hexagon, cute eyes
Possession visual tip<uipossessviztip>imp hexagon
Posterise<uiposterise>tv screen, landscape circle 2 triangles up
Power<uipower>circle, on power
Power of<uipowerof>mathematics, text: n x
Predicted landing<uipredictedlanding>person filled fall, ground floor, speed lines
Preview<uipreview>tree, magnifying glass, edit source
Prism<uiprism>3D triangular prism up
Right angled prism<uiprismright>3D triangular prism up down right
Procedural animation<uiproceduralanim>person filled wave
Projection<uiprojection>filled circle, shadow
Prop<uiprop>flower pot
Proportions<uiproportions>filled arm, 2 arrows up-left down-right
Publish<uipublish>world internet, arrow up, upload
Pulse<uipulse>graph, heart monitor
Puppet bounce<uipuppetbounce>person filled step, double-ended arrow up down
Puppet fallout<uipuppetfallout>person unfilled, circle filled
Puppet interface<uipuppetinterface>person filled, cog
Puzzle piece<uipuzzlepiece>puzzle corner
Curve<uiquadratic>3D curve shape, horn
Question circled<uiquestioncircled>question mark, filled circle
Question flash<uiquestionflash>question mark, spiky circle
Queue<uiqueue>stack, 2 filled rectangles, unfilled rectangle
Rainbow<uirainbow>cloud, rainbow
Randomiser<uirandomiser>3D cube, dice die
Random note drop<uirandomnotedrop>msuic note quaver, broken spark
Range<uirange>angle, circular double-ended arrow up down
Range falloff<uirangefalloff>angle, circular double-ended arrow up down, hatch marks
Range met<uirangemet>angle, circular double-ended arrow up down, tick filled circle
Rate X<uiratex>acceleration gauge, text: X
Rate Y<uiratey>acceleration gauge, text: Y
Rate Z<uiratez>acceleration gauge, text: Z
Rear speaker volume<uirearspeakervolume>currund speakers rear left right, 2 filled circles, 3 unfilled circles, wireless wifi wave ripple sound
Record<uirecord>text: REC, REC, circle
Record possession<uirecordpossession>sock puppet, googley eyes, film plus positive add
Redo<uiredo>clockwise circular arrow right
Refresh<uirefresh>2 clockwise circular arrows up down
Refund inventory<uirefundinv>backpack closed, anti-clockwise circular arrow down-left
Release<uirelease>container, arrow up
Remainder after division<uiremainderafterdivision>mathematics, modulous remainder, text: r
Remix<uiremix>3 angled arrows up-right down-right left, refresh recycle
Remove from group<uiremovefromgroup>circle stack, minus negative subtract
Remove selection<uiremoveselection>4 circles, grouped, minus negative subtract
Reset<uireset>anti-clockwise circular arrow down-left
Reset grid<uiresetgrid>grid waffle 4x4, anti-clockwise circular arrow down-left
Reset health<uiresethealth>heart, anti-clockwise circular arrow down-left
Reset inventory<uiresetinventory>backpack closed, clockwise circular arrow down-right
Respawn<uirespawn>flag, 2 clockwise circular arrows up down
Reverb<uireverb>stack smaller right
Reverb a<uireverba>stack smaller right, text: A
Reverb b<uireverbb>stack smaller right, text: B
Reverb c<uireverbc>stack smaller right, text: C
Reverb d<uireverbd>stack smaller right, text: D
Reverb delay<uireverbdelay>chevron right, stack smaller right
Reverb effects<uireverbeffects>2 stars sparkles, stack smaller right
Reverb preset<uireverbpreset>stack smaller right, horizontal slider
Review<uireview>hand, thumb up, thumb down
Rewind<uirewind>rewind, 2 triangles left
Right angle<uirightangle> 
Right heel strike<uirightheelstrike>foot right, spark ground floor
Right motor<uirightmotor>controller right wireless wifi
Ring mod<uiringmodmode>graph sine spiky
Rocket rotator<uirocketrotator>rocket, clockwise circular dashed arrow down-right
Rod<uirod>2 unfilled circles, linked
Roll<uiroll>filled circle bubble shiny, 2 clockwise circular arrows right left
Roller<uiroller>paint roller
Rotate<uirotate>dot, clockwise circular arrow down-left
Rotational velocity X<uirotationalvelocityx>clockwise circular arrow down-left, text: X
Rotational velocity Y<uirotationalvelocityy>clockwise circular arrow down-left, text: Y
Rotational velocity Z<uirotationalvelocityz>clockwise circular arrow down-left, text: X
Rotator<uirotator>3D cube, clockwise circular dotted arrow down-right
Round<uiround>text: n, double-ended arrow up down capped
Round down<uirounddown>text: n gradient bottom, arrow down capped
Round up<uiroundup>text: n gradient top, arrow up capped
Row mapping<uirowmapping>4 rectangles, face, sound instrument
Reverse play<uirplay>triangle left
Ruffle<uiruffle>hatch marks, random, messy
Ruler<uiruler>ruler wonky
Rumbler<uirumbler>controller, wireless wifi left right
Back ten seconds<uirwtensecs>circular anti-clockwise double arrow left, number 10, rewind 10 seconds
Sandcastle<uisandcastle>sand castle, binoculars
Save<uisave>container, arrow down, download save
Playable release<uisaveplayable>controller wonky, world internet
Public release<uisavepublic>3 angled arrows up-right down-right left refresh recycle, world internet
Save restricted<uisaverestricted>world internet, padlock closed locked
Scale<uiscale>expand scale, circle dot, arrow up-left up-right down-left down-right
Scanlines<uiscanlines>tv screen, horizontal lines
Scene<uiscene>landscape sun mountains, circle 2 triangles up
Scissors<uiscissors>scissors cut snip edit, up left
Score counter<uiscorecounter>trophy, cup
Score modifier<uiscoremodifier>cog, spiky circle, number 100
Score points<uiscorepoints>spiky circle, text: 100
Score sensor<uiscoresensor>finish start flag, checkered
Screen<uiscreen>tv screen
Screen bottom<uiscreenbottom>tv screen, subtitle rectangle bottom
Screen centre<uiscreencentre>tv screen, rectangle centre center middle
Screen effects<uiscreenfx>tv screen, 3 stars sparkle
Screen left<uiscreenleft>tv screen, rectangle left
Screen middle<uiscreenmiddle>tv screen, rectangle vertical centre center middle
Screen right<uiscreenright>tv screen, rectangle right
Screen top<uiscreentop>tv screen, rectangle top
Script<uiscript>writing text page corner
Sculpt<uisculpt>3D cube cylinder trianglular prism up
Sculpt add<uisculptadd>dark 3D box, plus positive add filled circle
Sculpt subtract<uisculptsub>light 3D box, plus positive add filled circle
Sculpt tools<uisculpttools>spanner wrench, 3D cube
Search<uisearch>magnifying glass
Search listed<uisearchlisted>magnifying glass, tick
Search unlisted<uisearchunlisted>magnifying glass, cross
Second screen<uisecondscreen>mobile device, number 2
Select all<uiselectall>3 circles stack
Select any<uiselectany>circle filled 2 circles unfilled stack
Select hue<uiselecthue>palette, magnifying glass
Select objects<uiselectobjects>3 circles, grouped
Selector<uiselector>stack, triangle right
Rounded cube<uisellipsoid>3D rounded cube
Send to imp<uisendtoimp>imp, 4 stars sparkles, arrow up filled circle
Send to second screen<uisendtoscreen>mobile device, number 2, arrow down-right
Sense impacts<uisenseimpacts>filled circle bubble shiny, splat explosion spark
Settings<uisettings>3 cogs
Shadow<uishadow>unfilled circle shadow
Shadow angle<uishadowangle>unfilled circle shadow, clockwise circular arrow down
Shadow opacity<uishadowopacity>unfilled circle shadow hatch marks
Shadow softness<uishadowsoftness>unfilled circle shadow dotted
Shape jitter<uishapejitter>spikey
Share<uishare>3 arrows up turn-left turn-right
Diamond<uishinydiamond>diamond gem, 2 stars sparkle
Shock absorber<uishockabsorber>spring suspension
Show milliseconds<uishowms>text: ms, milliseconds
Shuffle<uishuffle>2 arrows right
Max value range<uisiggenmaxvaluerange>graph, chevron up high
Min value range<uisiggenminvaluerange>graph, chevron down low
Pause maximum<uisiggenpausemax>graph, chevron right top
Pause minimum<uisiggenpausemin>graph, chevron right bottom
Phase offset<uisiggenphaseoffset>graph, chevron up
Sweep seconds<uisiggensweepsecs>graph 2 chvrons right
Signal generator<uisignalgenerator>graph sine
Signal manipulator<uisignalmanipulator>graph axes, gadget
<uisignin>door in, arrow right
Sign-out<uisignout>door out, arrow left
Simplify<uisimplify>pixelated circle, disintegrate
Single tweak slider<uisingletweak>horizontal slider
Skate<uiskate>ice skate
Skip back<uiskipback>previous, triangle left capped
Skip forward<uiskipforward>next, triangle right capped
Skull<uiskull>skull death
Skybox<uiskybox>cloud sun
Slice<uislice>3D half cylinder
Slice keytracking<uislicekeytracking>stairs steps, musical note quaver
Slider<uislider>2 unfilled circles linked
Sliders<uisliders>3 horizontal sliders
Smaller<uismaller>mouse, rat
Smart collection<uismartcollection>2 filled circles, cog, grouped
Smear<uismear>squares stack
Small tag<uismltag>tag label
Smoother<uismoother>graph square smooth
Smoothing<uismoothingonly>graph normal distribution
Snail<uisnail>snail slow
Snap point<uisnappoint>3D box, thumb tack push pin
Sock puppet<uisockpuppet>sock puppet, googly eyes
Soft blend<uisoftblend>blob goop
Sorting<uisorting>stack smaller down
Sound effect<uisoundeffect>hardware, speaker, wireless wifi ripple wave
Sound effect search<uisoundeffectsearch>speaker wireless wifi ripple wave, magnifying glass
Sound group<uisoundgroup>speaker wireless wifi ripple wave, 3 stack
Sound settings<uisoundsettings>cog, graph sound wave
Sound slice<uisoundslice>graph sound wave cropped, scissors up
Sound tools<uisoundtools>spanner wrench, speaker wireless wifi ripple wave
Spanner<uispanner>spanner wrench
Speaker<uispeaker>hardware, speaker, sub tweeter
Sphere<uisphere>circle filled
Splitter<uisplitter>double-headed arrows right
Spotlight<uispotlight>3D lamp on
Spray can<uispraycan>spray can spraying
Spring<uispring>spring suspension, 2 circled unfilled
Sprung bolt<uisprungbolt>hexagon circle, spring
Squashyness<uisquashyness>flattened ball, stack motion
Stamp<uistamp>3D rectangular stamp
Stamp alt<uistampalt>rounded square
Stamp enabler<uistampenabler>3D rectangular stamp, tick circle filled
Standing<uistanding>person filled stand, ground floor
Star<uistar>rounded 5-pointed star
Start time jitter<uistarttimejitter>graph audio wave cut, triangle up
Stay on screen<uistayonscreen>tv screen, circle target reticle
Stereo pingpong<uistereopingpong>surround speakers left right, 2 circles filled 3 circles unfilled, double-ended arrow left right
Stiffness<uistiffness>person wal right, double-ended arrow up down
Stone<uistone>stacked balanced stones
Stop<uistop>square rounded
Stop motion<uistopmotion>circle filled stack
Strength<uistrength>arm muscled
Strength X<uistrengthx>arm muscled, text: X
Strength Y<uistrengthy>arm muscled, text: Y
Strength Z<uistrengthz>arm muscled, text: Z
Stride<uistride>person creep stride right
String<uistring>2 circles unfilled, linked, connector
Stroke density<uistrokedensity>wavey dashed line
Stroke end<uistrokeend>wavy line, circle unfilled end
Stroke fade in<uistrokefadein>wavy line, thin start
Stroke fade out<uistrokefadeout>wavy line, thin end
Stroke floppiness<uistrokefloppiness>squiggle paint, shaky
Stroke physical<uistrokephysical>squiggle paint, hand open
Stroke start<uistrokestart>wavy line, circle unfilled start
Stroke tools<uistroketools>quiggle paint, spanner wrench
Studio light<uistudiolight>3D light down on
Style<uistyle>text: S
Add style<uistyleadd>letter s, plus positive add, circle filled
Subtract style<uistylesubtract>letter s, minus negative subtract, circle filled
Style tools<uistyletools>letter s, spanner wrench
Sub only<uisub>hardware, subwoofer speaker, rectangle, camera
Subtract box<uisubbox>3D cube unfilled
Subtract cone<uisubcone>3D cone unfilled, triangle arc pie
Subtract cylinder<uisubcylinder>3D cylinder unfilled
Subtract ellipsoid<uisubellipsoid>3D flattened sphere unfilled, egg
Subtract hexagon<uisubhexagon>3D hexagonal prism unfilled
Subtract prism<uisubprism>3D triangular prism unfilled up
Subtract prism right angled<uisubprismright>3D triangular prism unfilled down right
Subtract pyramid<uisubpyramid>3D pyramid up unfilled
Subtract quadratic<uisubquadratic>curve shape unfilled
Subtract rounded cube<uisubsellipsoid>3D rounded cube sunfilled
Subtract sphere<uisubsphere>3D sphere unfilled, circle unfilled
Subtitle displayer<uisubtitledisplayer>tv screen subtitle
Subtract torus<uisubtorus>3D torus donut doughnut unfilled
Subtract<uisubtract>circle filled, minus negative subtract, circle dotted
Subtract wheel<uisubwheel>3D filled donut dougnut unfilled, cheese wheel
Sunrise<uisunrise>sun peeking, horizon
Super style<uisuperstyle>brush bristles, 3 stars sparkle
Surround<uisurround>surround speakers left right centre center rear-left rear-right
Surround pingpong<uisurroundpingpong>surround speakers left right centre center rear-left rear-right, double-ended arrow up down
Sway<uisway>person filled, 2 chevrons left right, drunk
Tag<uitag>tag label
Tag gadget<uitaggadget>circle target reticle, tag label
description<uitags>2 double tag label
Tail shape bubbles<uitailshapebubbles>thought bubble tail
Tail shape curved<uitailshapecurved>speech bubble tail curve right
Tail shape curved 2<uitailshapecurved2>speech bubble tail curve left
Tail shape straight<uitailshapestraight>speech bubble tail straight
Tail shape zigzag<uitailshapezigzag>speech bubble tail spiky alert warning right
Tail shape zigzag 2<uitailshapezigzag2>speech bubble tail spiky alert warning left
Tap<uitap>tap faucet, 2 waves
Target<uitarget>circle target reticle
Target position<uitargetposition>2 circles filled, linked, broken x cross
Team<uiteam>imp, 2 imps filled
Teleporter<uiteleporter>person wave dotted, person wave filled
Testing controls<uitestingcontrols>controller, anti-clockwise circular arrow down left
Tetrahedron<uitetrahedron>3D pyramid filled
Text animating<uitextanimating>text: Ab, triangle right
Text animation finished<uitextanimfinished>text: Ab, tick circle filled
Text animation in progress<uitextanimprogress>text: Ab, circle dotted, click
Textbox curviness<uitextboxcurviness>curved corner, arrow up right
Text box opacity<uitextboxopacity>hatch marked rectangle
Text box properties<uitextboxproperties>speech bubble rectangle, 2 cogs
Text displayer<uitextdisplayer>tv screen, 2 speech bubbles
Text entry<uitextentry>text: Ab, vertical bar carat cursor
Text opacity<uitextopacity>text: A, circle filled
Text properties<uitextproperties>text: Ab, 2 cogs
Texture fade amount<uitexturefadeamount>hatch marks riffle, circle crossed white black contrast, ruffle
Texture scale<uitexturescale>hatch marks ruffle, circle filled 4 arrows up-left up-right down-left down-right expand scale
Texture strength<uitexturestrength>hatch marks ruffle, arm strong muscled
Threshold<uithreshold>gaden gate, picket fence
Thumbs down<uithumbdown>hand thumb down left
Thumbs up<uithumbup>hand thumb up right
Thumbs up outline<uithumbupoutline>hand thumb down left unfilled
Tick circled<uitickcircled>tick, circle filled
Tick hollow<uitickhollow>tick, circle unfilled
Timeline<uitimeline>3 stack, scale, gadget
To-do<uitodo>page 4 stack, 3 ticks
Tools<uitools>spanner wrench, ruler
Torus<uitorus>3D torus donut doughnut filled
Touching<uitouching>hand point, touch poke, E.T.
Trash can<uitrashcan>trash can, rubbish bin
Travel<uitravel>4 circles unfilled, linked dashed lines
T-Rex<uitrex>t-rex dinosaur
Trigger zone<uitriggerzone>stripey rounded square, gadget
True random<uitruerandom>3D cube, question marks, text: ?
Turn speed<uiturnspeed>person filled, 3D circular arrow left
Tweak<uitweak>3 horizontal sliders
Tweak menu<uitweakmenu>rounded square, 3 circles, 2 bars, window
Undo<uiundo>anti-clockwise circular arrow left
Unlock camera<uiunlockcamera>film camera right, padlock open unlocked
Unlocked<uiunlocked>padlock open unlocked
Update<uiupdate>clockwise circular arrow down right
Update all<uiupdateall>tick circle filled stack
Update now<uiupdatenow>clockwise circular arrow down right, exclamation mark point circle filled, text: !
Upright<uiupright>arrow up, capped start
User add<uiuseradd>imp, plus positive add circle filled
User remove<uiuserremove>imp, minus negative subtract circle filled
User tick<uiusertick>imp, tick circle filled
Utilities<uiutilities>pocket, spanner wrench, screwdriver, cog
Minimum value<uivalmaximum>text: n, mathematics
Maximum value<uivalminimum>text: n, mathematics
Variable<uivariable>box text: (X), arrow right
Variable modifier<uivariablemodifier>box text: (X), arrow right, cog
Varying looseness<uivaryinglooseness>squares disintegrate
Velocity X<uivelocityx>text: X, ball circle bubble shiny, movment lines up right
Velocity Y<uivelocityy>text: Y, ball circle bubble shiny, movment lines up right
Velocity Z<uivelocityz>text: Z, ball circle bubble shiny, movment lines up right
Verified<uiverified>award badge medal, tick
VHS<uivhs>vhs V.H.S. cassette tape
Vignette<uivignette>tv screen, hatch marks, vignette
Visibility<uivisibility>eye clsoed open, crossed
Visible<uivisible>eye open
Visual effects<uivisualeffects>2 circles filled overlapping
Volume jitter<uivolumejitter>music audio eq E.Q. equaliser visualiser
Walk<uiwalk>person filled walk right
Wave (ramp)<uiwaveramp> 
Wave (random smooth)<uiwaverandomsmooth>graph
Wave (random step)<uiwaverandomstep>graph square
Waves<uiwaves>sea ocean water waves
Wave (sandcastle)<uiwavesandcastle>graph square
Wave shape<uiwaveshape>graph reverse sawtooth, horizontal slider
Wave (square)<uiwavesquare>graph square s
Wind flap frequency<uiwindflapfrequency>wind, gauge
Wind strength<uiwindstrength>wind, arm strong muscled
Wipe amount<uiwipeamount>tv screen, plus positive add, minus negative subtract, slash, circle filled, text: +/-
Wipe bokeh<uiwipebokeh>tv screen dots distintegrate
Wipe circular<uiwipecircular>tv screen, dot circle filled
Wipe dissolve<uiwipedissolve>tv screen, checkerboard fine
Wipe hole<uiwipehole>tv screen, white circle
Wipe linear<uiwipelinear>tv screen half black
Wiper<uiwiper>tv screen, fuzzy fluff ball
Wireless receiver<uiwirelessreceiver>dot circle filled, wireless wifi waves ripple
Wires<uiwires>2 plugs, linked wire
Wood<uiwood>wood log
World<uiworld>world internet scene
World Wide Web<uiwww>world internet scene, worldwide web, text: WWW
Xray<uixray>2 rectangles filled unfilled, overlapping
Yaw<uiyaw>3D circlular double-ended arrow left right
Zoetrope<uizoetrope>3D zeotrope, animation, colosseum
Zone falloff<uizonefalloff>3D cube, hatch mark outline
Zoom multiplier<uizoommultiplier>film camera right, plus positive add, text: +
Up button<up> 
USB<usb>usb port, hardware
 <x>cross x button
 <-3-arrow-circle>circular arrows clockwise
 <-arrow-fat>fat squat arrow pointing up
 <-bubble>round circle bubble 3D
 <-bucket-pour>paint bucket tip pour liquid
 <-car-side>toy car side view
 <-cardboard-box>cardboard box closed lid
 <-checkpoint-pin>round pointed down, hole
 <-cog>mechanical, settings
 <-collision-pill>rounded rectangle dotted outline, aura, collision pill geometry
 <-domino-blank>vertical line
 <-foot>calf foot shoe
 <-ghost-scared>ghost casper
 <-graph-axes>graph axes
 <-hand-point>hand point
 <-long-box>3d rectangle box, square prism
 <-meta-button>tall rounded rectangle button
 <-music-note-quaver-simple>simplified musical quaver note
 <-person-waving>realistic person waving
 <-player>person stick-figure standing
 <-ps4-ds4-side>ps4 console on side, with ds4 controller
 <-question>question mark
 <-radio-waves>concentric 2D waves
 <-sheep>single sheep
 <-sound-wave>sound wave
 <-spark>spark broken
 <-stroke>s curve, paint stroke
 <-ui-border>border setting
 <-warning-triangle>equilateral triangle pointing up

This document was created by TAPgiles, based on Media Molecule's icons page, with added features to help people find the icon that works best for them. It features all dreams icons available to use in text displayers, comments, and titles. You can find more of TAP’s content on Youtube and Twitter. He has also been working on full Dreams Documentation with video references (work-in-progress).

To use an icon, be sure to use the angle brackets on either side of the shortcut name. For example, to show the "duashock" icon, type <dualshock >. Each shortcut name below remind you of this by showing the angle brackets.

The name of the icon is shown, as well as an added description, allowing the page to be searched for whatever keyword you're looking for as a starting point for tracking down one that's right for what you need it for. These pieces of text scroll horizontally whne necessary.

There are also a few special features of this document designed to make it easy to find the icon you're looking for, but also to find related icons. First, there are links to related icons. These are colour-coded: For any given icon, blue links lead to other icons this icon contains. Purple for other icons that this is a variants of. And green for other icons that this is a duplicate of. And the links have a colour-coded background if this icon is contained by another icon, is a variant of another icon, or is a duplicate of another icon.

These linked icons are previewed next to the icon in question, letting you scroll through them all and see at a glance what icons are similar that may fit what you are looking for better. Clicking on such an icon will take you to it.

At the end of the regular icons is a set of special icons, called "stubs." You cannot use these icons in Dreams, as they are not actually part of the icon set at all. However, they are shapes etc. that appear in a number of other icons. For example, you cannot use use the "paint bucket pour" shape by itself. But if you wanted to see all the icons that contain that shape, you could go to the stub -bucket-pour and scroll through the list of related icons to find one that may suit your needs.