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TAPgiles Dreams Teacher and Consultant

Who is TAPgiles?

I've made it my mission to help anyone using Dreams™ to learn the tools, better understand the engine, and bring their Dreams to life! To that end, I create tutorials, and offer personal instruction and assistance.

Since getting into the beta, and then from early access in April 2019, I've been playing and creating in Dreams. I've also been picking apart how all of its tools and nuances work and writing the only full Dreams documentation currently in existence. I've created my own icons guide to make it easier to find and cross-reference Dreams icons for use in the game. I've released hundreds of tutorials, helped thousands of creators get past problems and keep creating, and given one-on-one help to clients.

Dreams is a creative application for PS4 allowing people of all abilities to try their hand at many creative interests—from sculpture to patiing, from music to animation, from building a game from the ground-up to using free assets from the community to build entire experiences in 3D or VR.


I have released hundreds of tutorials on my   Youtube channel, available to watch for free. And more are being released all the time.

If you'd like to support my work, you can sign up to my   Patreon page at the $3 “Learner” tier and get immediate access to 5 hours and 30+ unreleased tutorials!

I help the community full-time: answering requests for help in forums, releasing tutorials daily, streaming weekly, and maintaining the resources found on this site.

As this is my sole source of income, I rely on the wonderful and generous people of the community who donate to support this work. I appreciate your considering how you can help me out through donating using the links below!

The “Learner” Patreon tier gives you access to all of my upcoming, unreleased tutorials up to a month ahead of the rest of the community.

There are a number of avenues you can choose to support me. Please choose whichever is best for you.


If you're in need of assistance, I will always answer text questions on the internet or through DMs. But I also offer direct help with things as a paid service:


An “Investigation” includes looking into a particular problem, and recording the process of finding the solution along with commentary of how I'm going about it and explaining the cause of the issue. This is great for getting past a particularly tricky issue so you can continue creating in Dreams, but also lets you learn a little about how to track down problems and how Dreams works under the hood so that you're better able to understand such problems in the future.

You can make a one-off payment of $7 for an up to 30-minute investigation through Paypal or Ko-Fi. Or pledge for $12 or more at the “Pupil” tier to get up to 2 hours of investigation per month using Patreon.


A “Consultation” includes talking via shareplay as I investigate things, allowing you to ask questions and discuss different ways of making something, etc. This is good for people working on a larger project who would like more one-on-one help live.

You can make a one-off payment of $15 for an up to 30-minute shareplay consult through Paypal or Ko-Fi. Or pledge for $30 or more at the “Student” tier to get as many investigation videos as you need over the month, and up to 2 hours of shareplay consult time through Patreon.


Through Twitch, I stream each Tuesday at 3PM UK time: teaching, recording tutorials, and answering questions live from chat.


I'm active in many places around the internet, and my DMs are always open if you want to contact me directly for Dreams help!