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See all Mm projects on Indreams, or go to Dream Surfing > scroll down to the Dreams by Media Molecule row.

# Games

Full Media Molecule-created games, made in Dreams with the same tools that any player has at their disposal.

Art’s Dream

Art’s Dream is an interactive, movie-length musical story, showcasing some of what’s possible in Dreams.

Help Art navigate a surreal dream world, fighting his demons to reunite with his band.

Along the way, find hidden prizes you can use in your own creations.

# Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale

Help Scoria and Gabbro in their quest to find the renowned snozzleaf to stop their granny's snoring.

Up against unspeakable monsters, with their new friend Herb at their side, will they get what they wish for?

If you sign in a second controller, you can play couch co-op with a friend!

# Community Events

Ongoing events led my Media Molecule, heavily featuring the community.


A yearly expo featuring booths created by players, hyping up their own projects or showcasing their skills as a creator.

# Impys

Awards celebrating community creators and creations.

All Hallows’ Dreams

A yearly halloween-themed event made by the community and put together by Media Molecule.