Documentation by TAPgiles

Angle Sensor

Detects the angle the gadget’s arrow gizmo is currently at in relation to a target angle range.

Gizmo: There is a line from the marker with a sphere at the end showing the aim of the angle sensor. It can be dragged and moved about to set the direction relative to the orientation of the affected objects to use as a marker. (Jj)

A cone visualises the target range and target falloff surrounding the centre point. Its edge can be dragged using R2

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

# Important Properties & I/O Tab

# Angle Range to Detect

The angle of the core angle range to detect. (Jj) Shown and adjusted by the gizmo. Used by Angle Range Met.

# Angle Range Falloff

An angle measured from the edge of the core range. (Jj) Shown and adjusted by the gizmo. Used by Angle Range Met.

If the combined angles of the core and falloff exceed 360 degrees, the angle of the sensed object will not be able to get to 0—as the falloff’s edge cannot be reached.

# Angle Range Met

While the aim is within the core angle range, outputs a full signal.

While the aim is within the falloff, a percentage signal will be sent based on how far through the aim is from the edge of the falloff to the core. (Jj)

While more than one object is used to sense from, the highest output will be sent.

# Relative to Object

The centre point will automatically adjust so that it maintains its orientation relative to the linked object. So if the linked object rotates, so does the target’s centre point.

# Miscellaneous Tab

# Sense Angle

The objects whose angle will be sensed.

# Orientation

Sends the orientation of the object.