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When respawning, if there is an active checkpoint the player will be spawned at that checkpoint. (Tg)

Gizmo: The point at which a player will respawn. A puppet will respawn with the centre of its base at this point.

An arrow pointing in the horizontally. The player and default camera will look in this direction when spawning or waiting to spawn at this checkpoint.

When the Activate Me setting is unwired, also has a zone gizmo centred around the respawn position. Used by the Built-in Zone. (Tg)

# Built-in Zone: While nothing is wired into Activate Me, includes a zone. When the zone detects a possessed controller sensor linked to an object that is or contains a visible and collidable sculpt, it will become active and any already-active checkpoint will become inactive.

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

# Properties & I/O Tab

# Activate Me

When sent a positive > 0 signal, this checkpoint becomes the active one. (Tg)

# Currently Active

Sends a signal while the checkpoint is active. (Tg)

Possessed objects will respawn at this checkpoint.

# Just Spawned

Sends a pulse on the frame something spawns at the checkpoint. (Tg)

# Delay Before Respawn, Delay Next Respawn

When a possessed object Respawns and this gadget is the active checkpoint, it will wait Delay Before Respawn seconds before trying to spawn.

When something tries to spawn at this checkpoint and nothing has spawned at this checkpoint, or Delay After Respawn seconds have elapsed since the last object spawned here, the first object that tried to spawn will spawn.

For example, players Blue and Red have a wire going from their controller sensor’s “is dead” output into its “Respawn” input so that when they die, they will immediately begin respawning.
A player activates a checkpoint with Delay Before Respawn = 10s and Delay Next Respawn = 5s.
If they die soon after each other, the following would happen:
Time Checkpoint Blue Red Event
0s Yes Dies Blue Dies. Blocks its own spawn for Delay Before Respawn seconds.
1s Yes No Dies Red dies. Blocks its own spawn for Delay Before Respawn seconds.
10s Yes Yes No Blue tries to spawn, allowed by checkpoint, so Blue spawns. Spawning blocked for Delay Next Respawn seconds.
12s No No
15s No Yes Red tries to spawn, but checkpoint is blocking spawning.
25s Yes Yes Red tried to spawn, allowed by checkpoint, so Red spawns. Spawning blocked for Delay Next Respawn seconds.

# Zone Size Tab