Documentation by TAPgiles

Force Applier

Any movable objects that contain a sculpt within the zone will move as if they have an attached Mover or Follower with the settings of the force applier gadget.

May also affect flecks of physical paintings. (Mm) (Tg)

Gizmo: Has a location marker as the source of the force. When in “Directional” mode, an arrow is also displayed that you can drag to set the direction of the force.

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

Performance: There are performance limits when not scene-wide.

# Important Properties Tab

# Force Strength

The strength of the movement applied to objects.

# Force Speed, Force Speed on Strokes

The target speed of affected sculpt objects. (Tg) And the target speed of affected to paint flecks.

# Force Mode

Whether the force will pull things towards the position or push things away from the position.

# Force Type

How the movement direction will be calculated.

# Target Position

Wire a position in to set the location of the source of the force.

When unwired, the position of the gizmo is used.

# Force Applied

Sends a signal while a sculpt or painting is being affected.

# Local Space

When on, direction will be relative to the gadget’s orientation. When off, direction will stay constant regardless of the gadget’s orientation.

# Zone Size Tab

# Labels Tab