Documentation by TAPgiles

Grab Sensor

Detects imp interactions with the attached object. Note that these interactions are not restricted to grabs only, though the tooltips talk about these interactions as grabs.

When playing with the moves, only the primary imp triggers signals from this gadget.

Gizmo: Used by the Grab Point setting.

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per object.

Tweak Menu

# No. of Players Required

For any interaction sensed by this gadget, the number of imps from different players must meet or exceed the number specified. (Jj)

# Set Grab Point

When on and a player grabs the associated object, their imp or tracker will use the grab point gizmo’s position and orientation.

When off, the imp will grab the object from wherever it was hovering when it began to grab it.

# Sense Grab

Multiple objects may be connected to this input at the same time. Any objects attached to the gadget will be used to sense imp interactions. (Jj)

Note that only hovering will be sensed for paintings.

Good for easily making a button the player can “click” with R2. Or allowing an object to move only while it is grabbed. (Tg)

# Grabbed

Sends a signal when an attached sculpt is grabbed that also has the “grab” imp interaction enabled. (Jj)(Jj)

# Hovered

Sends a signal when an attached object is hovered over. (Jj) (Jj) (Tg)

# Imp Stretch

Sends a signal when an attached sculpt is being grabbed and pulled on. The strength of the signal between 0 - 1 reflects how far away the imp is from the grab point, and therefore how hard they are pulling the object. Distance from grab ÷ max stretch length (Jj)

The value 0 is given when the imp is not any distance away from the grab point.

The value 1 is given when the imp is as far away from the grab point as is possible.