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Keeps an object oriented “upright.” (Tg)

# Gizmo: An arrow to point in the “upright” direction of the object it’s affecting.

While Align All Axes is on, a stalk for the X axis of the object can be moved, and a Z axis indicator is shown.

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

# Properties Tab

# Speed

The target rotation speed to move towards the desired orientation.

# Align All Axes

When on, all object axes will try to align themselves with the scene’s axes instead of just the Y axis.

# Strength

The gadget’s ability to overcome forces such as inertia, gravity, collisions, etc.

# Overall Damping

The gadget’s ability to reduce rotation to the desired speed.

# Outputs Tab

# Affected Object(s)

Any objects connected to this output will be affected by the gadget.