Documentation by TAPgiles

Laser Scope

Plots a line in a particular direction, and finds out if it collides with a sculpt’s surface. (Known as “raycasting.”)

The face of the gadget shows a black bar that reaches higher, the stronger the detected hit is.

Useful for finding out if there's ground beneath an object. (Tg)

Gizmo: Has an origin location it casts the ray from. (Tg) A stalk comes out of the origin which can be dragged with R2to set the angle of the line which is used when not aiming at tags. (Tg) An arrow is shown on the stalk which sets the Range setting. (Tg) A disc is shown at the end of the stalk which sets the Falloff setting. (Tg)

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

Performance: A limited number of laser scopes can function at once.

# Important Properties Tab

# Range

The length of the ray that is cast. (Jj)

# Falloff

The fall off is the distance beyond the length of the ray that will produce a lower signal depending on how close the hit is from the end of the falloff and towards the core length. (Jj)

# Point at Tags

When on, will detect tags with the specified name. (Jj)

# Look for Tag Name

The name for the tag to look for. (Jj)

Use the adjustment controls to cycle through the names of all tags in the scene, and all tag names that are looked for by other gadgets.

# Scope

# Hit Something

Sends a signal when a hit is registered. (Jj)

The laser scope only sees sculpts matching the collision and visibility settings set in the Labels tab. When it meets a sculpt that matches those settings If the sculpt matches the required labels, it will register a hit.

If a hit was registered, it will stop searching.

If a hit was not registered and X-ray is on, it will keep searching for another sculpt.

# Local Space

When on, the angle of the laser scope changes with the rotation of the gadget itself. When off, the angle of the laser scope doesn’t change, but the location will follow the group. (Jj)

# Consider Players

While on, outputs will consider players. The Player Info outputs will send a value through the corresponding player’s component when hitting an object that is owned by that player.

# Labels Tab

Using this, some sculpts can be excluded from being detected as a hit. (Tg)

# X-ray

Whether the laser scope will search beyond the first sculpt it finds. (See “Hit Something.”)

# Hit Detail Outputs Tab

# Hit Position

When a hit is registered, sends the hit position within the scene.

# Hit Angle

When a hit is registered, sends the 3D angle of the surface hit by the laser scope. (Known as the surface's “normal.”)

# Hit Distance

When a hit is registered, sends the distance from the laser scope source to the point hit.