Documentation by TAPgiles

Prize Bubble

Shows a metallic bubble. When the player collects it, it “pops.” If it contains a creation from the Dreamiverse, that creation can then be used in the player’s own creations.

Note: the homespace Prizes tab only allows access to prizes given my Media Molecule.

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

Tweak Menu

# Item

An Element from the Dreamiverse to be collected.

After the prize bubble is collected this item will be unlocked for the player to use in their own creations from the “prizes” tab, even if that element is private. (Tg)

# Visible

When on, the bubble will be visible in the scene and collectable by the player.

When off, the bubble will not be visible or collectable apart from triggering through logic.

# Use Built-in Collection Sound

When on, the built-in popping sound will play when the bubble is collected.

# Collectable by Imp

When on, can be collected by hovering over the bubble and grabbing it with R2 or Primary Move Trigger.

# Collectable by Possessed

When on, can be collected by colliding a possessed object into it.

# Force Collect

When triggered, the prize bubble is collected.

# Just Collected

Sends a pulse when the bubble is collected.