Documentation by TAPgiles

Rotation Sensor

Senses rotation of the attached object.

Gizmo: An unmovable location marker at the centre-of-mass of the linked object.

When “Local Space” is on, shows axes that may be rotated.

Note that outputs are in radians. 180 degrees = Pi radians

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

# Important Properties & I/O Tab

# Angular Velocity (Overall)

The positive angular velocity in radians of the fastest-rotating linked object. (Tg)

Unsigned, meaning it’s always a positive number.

# Angular Velocity (X Axis), Angular Velocity (Y Axis), Angular Velocity (Z Axis)

The angular velocity in radians for the corresponding axis. Where there are multiple linked objects, this is OR’d and the value furthest from 0 is used.

Signed, meaning it will be positive when rotating in one direction and negative when rotating in the opposite direction.

# Local Space

While on, the gadget will use its own axis orientation instead of the scene’s axes for judging rotational speed.

# Relative to Object

Rotation will be judged relative to the linked object.

For example, while the sensed object is rotating at 45 degrees/second and the reference object is rotating at 45 degrees/second, 0 will be output. If the reference object were rotating at 30 degrees/second, 0.261799 (-15 degrees) will be output.

# Outputs Tab

# Angular Acceleration (Overall)

Sends the magnitude of all rotational acceleration (change in velocity).

# Angular Acceleration (X Axis), Angular Acceleration (Y Axis), Angular Acceleration (Z Axis)

Sends the rotational acceleration of the corresponding axis.

# Miscellaneous I/O (Input and Output) Tab

# Sense Rotation

The object or objects to sense the rotation of.

# Orientation

Sends the object’s current orientation.