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Signal Generator

Generates a signal that changes over time. (Pk) The signal is based on a sine wave, though you can get different shapes to the signal depending on the settings. (Tg)

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

Tweak Menu

# Signal

Sends the current value of the generated signal.

# Sweep Seconds

A “sweep” is defined as the values generated from a minimum to a maximum or maximum to a minimum.

How long it takes to go through a single sweep of values. (Tg) At 0, every frame a new number from the minimum or maximum range will be output. (Tg)

# Phase Offset

Moves through 0 - 1. How long it takes to do this is dictated by the sweep seconds setting. (Tg)

# Pause Time Range

This defines a range for choosing a random time to pause after each sweep. (Tg) (Tg)

# Maximum Value Range, Minimum Value Range

Contains range slider pairs for the maximum and minimum value ranges. (Tg)

When a sweep begins a new target value is chosen. If it previously reached a minimum target, a new target is randomly chosen within the maximum range. If it previous reached a maximum target, a new target is randomly chosen within the minimum range. (Tg)

Can also be used to generate random values. (Tg) (Tg) And can even be used to shuffle the order of a set of items. (Tg)

# Signal Wave

A non-interactive representation of the shape of the curve over time. (Tg)