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An on/off switch to be used with logic. Only visible in edit mode.

This gadget is larger and shows an interactive switch on the face, for use in edit mode. When off, the off icon is shown. When on, the on icon is shown.

If the gadget has a name too long to display across the top, the title will scroll left and right while hovering over it.

Click on the displayed button with Cross button to toggle it on and off, in edit mode.

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

While on a Timeline: has fader handles, and displays the value the gadget will while fully powered.

Tweak Menu

# Switch Colour

Dictates the colour of the gadget itself.

# On/Off

Sets the current state of the switch.

If it’s sent a positive value {> 0}, the switch will be “on.” If it’s sent a non-positive value{<= 0}, the switch will be “off.”

# Off Value, On Value

The value sent when the switch is off, or on. The Off value cannot be greater than the On Value. The On value cannot be greater than the Off Value.

# Switch Visible in Scene

When on, the interactive switch on the face of the gadget will be shown. When off, the gadget will only show the current value being sent.