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Marks a named position and orientation, and scale within the world. (Jj) (Tg) While a Trigger Zone that is looking for the tag has its tweak menu open, flashes green. Displays a bar on the gadget’s face that represents how “detected” it is by a Trigger Zone or Follower gadget.

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

Gizmo: Marks the position, rotation, and scale of the tag within the scene. (Tg)

When a tag has been added into the chip of a puppet its position will default to that chip's position. So other everything can start targeting a position in front of the feet of the puppet, instead of their body or face. Moving the gizmo to a suitable spot will fix that. (Tg)

Tweak Menu

# Tag Output

While detected by any powered Trigger Zone, Follower, or Look At Rotator gadget, sends a percentage signal based on how “detected” it is. (Jj) (Tg) (Tg)

When detected by multiple seeking gadgets, their detection signals are OR’d together.

Can be used to produce the coordinates relative to trigger zones. (Tg) (Tg) Or the relative distance from some centre point to activate different effects depending on how close it is. (Tg)

# Scene Transform

Sends the current position, rotation, and scale of the gadget. (Tg)

Can be used to compare against other locations. (Tg)