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Value Slider

This outputs a specific value signal that has been set. Also provides a UI to easily adjust this value while the game is running in edit mode without opening the tweak menu. (Jj) Note that this gadget will never be seen by the player, even when its UI is set to visible.

These are particularly useful for seeing the output of a signal in real time when debugging things (Jj), or to easily configure more complex aspects of logic.

When holding a wire connected to an output and hovering over the gadget, an input port for the value will appear.

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

While on a Timeline: has fader handles.

Displays the full value the gadget would send while fully powered.

Tweak Menu

# Value Slider Colour

The colour of the gadget. (Tg)

# Value

The current value to be sent. (Jj) If set to below the minimum value or above the maximum value, will reset to within the accepted limits. In this way, the value is “clamped” to within the specified range.

Changing this will update the UI on the face of the gadget, and changing the UI on the face of the gadget will update this value.

When wiring into this setting, the modulate blend mode cannot be used.

# Minimum Value, Maximum Value

The minimum and maximum values of the slider.

# Decimal Places

How many decimal places the slider has. (Tg) Affects all settings and value displays apart from the display on the gadget’s face when Slider Visible in Scene is off.

# Slider Visible In Scene

When on, the UI on the face of the gadget will be shown in edit mode.

When off, the UI on the face of the gadget will not be shown in edit mode. Instead, the gadget will simply show the current value being sent ot 2 decimal places.