Documentation by TAPgiles

Visual Tools

# Use tool: These tools change settings on Painting and Sculpt objects. The Use Tool controls will use a tool to change the associated settings.

When hovering over a group, any paintings and sculpts inside the group will be affected. When hovering over a selected object, all selected objects will be affected. (Tg)

Some tools can change the inner properties of a sculpt by holding shift while using the tool.

# Add, Subtract

This context menu button toggles between adding and subtracting the effect of the tool. When subtracting, changes the settings of objects to the object’s initial settings to reveal the inherent visual style.

For example, subtracting tint will reveal a sculpt’s spraypainted surface.

Use the Add/Subtract control to toggle between modes.

# Volume Brush

Some tools can use a volume brush to affect objects that are at least partially inside a box at the end of the imp. Some tools will change the settings of individual flecks inside the box instead of the painting object they are part of.

To activate the volume brush, click the context menu button.

Use the Scale controls to change the size of the volume brush. If the volume brush is off and its size is increased, it will turn on. If the volume brush is on and and its size is decreased to 0, it will turn off.

# Coat

The tools affect the corresponding setting on objects the imp is hovering over. (Pk) This mode affects the Outer & Inner Properties of a Sculpt and the Coat Properties of a Painting.

# Tools

# Tint

Gradually changes the Colour to the selected colour, increases the Tint Amount, and reduces Original Colour Saturation. (Pk)

If the Tint Amount is currently 0%, instantly sets the colour to the selected colour.

Subtracting reduces the Tint Amount and increases Original Colour Saturation.

Use on a Sun & Sky gadget to affect the sky colour.

# Hue

Changes the Hue Shift setting. (Pk)

Use on a Sun & Sky gadget to affect the Sky Hue Cycle.

# Apply Finish

Increases or reduces the selected finish. When increasing, moves the corresponding settings towards the target setting. (Pk)When reducing, moves Shiny/Rough to 60% and Waxyness/Metalness to 0%.

Increasing moves a painting’s Finish setting to 100%. Reducing moves it to 0%.

# Glow

Increases or reduces the glow setting. (Pk)

# Revert

Changes Tint Amount to 0%, Original Saturation to 100%, a painting’s Finish to 100%, Shinyness/Roughness to 60%, Waxyness/Metalness to 0%, and Glow to 0%.

# Positive/Negative

Toggles between increasing and decreasing a particular coat using the tools.

# Style

The tools affect the flecks of a sculpture or painting. (Pk)

# Tools

# SuperStyle

When used on an object, sets the fleck of that object instantly, and combs the flecks at the same time.

Hold Move Primary Cross button and twist to change an object’s looseness.

Hold Move Primary Square button and twist to change an object’s impasto.

# Apply Fleck

Gradually reduces whatever fleck style is currently applied and applies more of the currently selected fleck style. Using this, you can have up to 4 different flecks showing on the same sculpt at once. (Pk)

Reducing removes the set flecks and leaves the object with whatever fleck they had originally.

Use on a Sun & Sky gadget to set the Sky Fleck Type.

# Looseness

Changes the Looseness setting. (Pk)

# Impasto

Changes the Impasto setting. (Pk)

Note that this tool cannot set impasto to negative values.

# Comb

Affects the orientation of all flecks. Sculpts store the combed areas relative to the sculpt’s origin. Flecks within paintings will adjust their stored orientation.

Drag the tool over objects to comb the flecks in the direction the imp is moving. (Pk)

# Ruffle

Changes the Ruffle setting. (Pk)

When applying to flecks of a painting, they instantly become fully ruffled. These can be unruffled using a negative value for the ruffle setting of the painting itself.

# Revert

Brings the ruffle, impasto, and looseness settings of paintings and sculpts to 0.

# Effects

Applies animation effects to all flecks of a sculpt or painting by changing the Effects settings on that object. While in effects mode, the effects animations will be previewed even if time is not running. (Pk)

The speed of the animation is set by the highest value of any of the effects settings.

For example, if Flow is at 10% and Throb is at 50%, the speed of both the flow and throb will be 50%.

# Tools

One tool for each Fleck Effect.

# Revert

Reverts the effects settings of sculpt or painting objects to 0.