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Used to exit the current scene, as well as link scenes together within a Dream. (Jj) (Tg)

Within a Dream map, the doorway type icon will be used to indicate what kind of doorway it is. The name of a doorway gadget will also be used as a tooltip on the doorway node when editing a Dream. (Tg)

When a doorway is linked to another doorway in a dream map, it is referencing that specific doorway gadget instance. Therefore, if you emit a doorway, that is a new doorway gadget instance and not the same gadget that was linked. And so that doorway will not be directed through that dream map link.

Emitting Doorways: When emitting an object containing a doorway gadget, a completely new doorway gadget instance is created; one that is not linked up to a scene in a dream map. Therefore, to make sure the player will be sent to the correct place, put the doorway outside of the emitted object, and power it from the emitted object using logic instead.

Gizmo: Has a location marker with an arrow coming from it. This shows where the player will spawn (for puppets, where the centre of the purple base will be positioned) and the direction they will face.

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget. There is a limit of how many doorway gadgets can be in a scene before time runs.

# Preload

The nearest doorway to the player’s view will begin to preload the data for its linked scene into memory. If all data has been loaded by the time the doorway is activated and the player is sent to that scene, there are only 2 steps needed while loading:

# Auto-possess

When this doorway was used to let the player enter the scene, the controller sensor the player was possessing in the previous scene will be checked for a name. If it had a name assigned to it, a controller sensor is found in the doorway’s scene that has the same name. (And so, this feature will not kick in for the first scene a player starts from in a dream.)

If there is one, on the second frame of the new scene it is automatically possessed, and its linked object is teleported to the gizmo’s location. (Tg) (Jj)

If there are more than one, the controller sensor created first will be targeted.

# Properties & Output Tab

# Doorway Type

How the doorway can be used as part of the dream map, and within the scene. (Jj)

# Doorway Activated

Sends a pulse when the doorway was used to enter the scene, even if the gadget is powered off.

When playing the scene not from a dream, the entrance or two-way doorway created earliest will be considered to be the active one.

When editing a scene with an entrance or two-way doorway gadget, the one considered active will show this setting as sending a signal.

# Wipe Effects Tab

Note that the wipe of a doorway will be used to transition out of the current scene and transition into the next scene. Not into this scene.

# Checkpoints Tab

# Checkpoint Mode

When entering the scene through this doorway, the respawn point will be set to its gizmo instead of the initial position of the possessed controller sensor in the scene.

Checkpoint gadgets will take over as normal. After a checkpoint has become active, the doorway cannot override and become the active checkpoint again.

# Just Spawned

Pulses when a player spawns from this doorway. (Jj)