Documentation by TAPgiles

Global Settings

Contains settings that apply to the scene as a whole.

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

# Settings Tab 1

# Adjust Gravity, Gravity Strength

Note that the Puppet settings define how high the puppet can jump as opposed to the amount of force applied when jumping.

# Adjust Fall Height, Max fall Height

When on, activates the Max Fall Height slider.

If a possessed puppet has nothing beneath it within the set distance, Puppet Interface gadgets inside it will send a signal from “fell out of scene,” and the default camera will no longer follow it on the Y axis (up and down).

# Adjust Camera Zoom, Multiplayer Max Camera Zoom

The maximum distance away from all players the camera can go to try to show them all on screen. When it reaches this maximum, it will favour keeping lower player numbers in view.

# Adjust Offscreen Timeout, Multiplayer Offscreen Timeout

How long a player can be offscreen before their controller sensor dies. (Tg)

# Camera Boundary

How far outside of the bounds of the scene the player can go before the camera will stop following them. (Tg)

# Settings Tab 2

# Allow Imps

When off, hides the imp regardless of other settings. The imp is still able to Grabcam, even when hidden.

# Max Players

The maximum number of players that can be active in the scene at once. Inputs of other connected players are ignored, but they can still pause the game using the OPTIONS button.

If this is set to 0, no players can have any control within the scene.

# Number of Players

Sends the number of players currently connected.

# Camera Transform

Sends the position, orientation, and slcae of the player’s current view. (Tg) (Tg)

# Reset Scene

When triggered, resets the scene, as if it were freshly loaded. Anything that was emitted will be removed, anything that was destroyed will be restored.

For persistent variables, the scene is considered “Rewound” for the purposes of the Reset Value on Rewind setting.

The player’s view will fade into a view of the reset scene.

# Is In VR?