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Rumbles controllers. Though in most cases, less is more. (Tg)

Note that the effect of the rumble may be reduced by the Vibration Strength preference setting. (Tg)

Wired power affects: The intensity of the rumble is multiplied by the power received. When powered by a Player Info wire, only the corresponding players’ controllers will rumble. (Tg)

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

While on a Timeline: has fader handles.

Tweak Menu

# Left Motor, Right Motor

The strength of the rumble of the left and right motors in the controller. (Tg)

The left is a stronger rumble, the right is a subtler rumble.

# Controller Assignment

Which controller of the affected player will rumble.

# Test Rumble

In edit mode, press this once to preview the gadget’s rumble settings for 2 seconds. (Tg)