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Moves the affected object to the position and/or orientation of a specified tag. (Jj)

This can be used to teleport an animating visual component to the position of an invisible controllable component for more control over the animations. (Tg) (Tg)

When multiple teleporters affect the same object, their effects and gizmos are averaged. For example, teleporting to 2 different tags will result in teleporting to the middle point between the 2 tags. (Tg)

Can also affect single gadgets. (Tg)

Gizmo: A location dot, with adjustable axis stalks. (Tg)

Wired power affects: The received power multiplies the percentage the affected objects will move towards their target position and orientation each frame.

Powering fully will move the affected objects to the target position immediately. (Tg) (Jj)

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

While on a Timeline: has fader handles.

Tweak Menu

# Tag Name

The Tag closest to the teleporter gizmo that has this name will be targeted. (Tg) (Jj)

# Match Target Position, Match Target Orientation

When matching position, the affected object will change position to match the target tag’s position. (Jj)

When matching orientation, the affected object will rotate to match the target tag’s orientation. (Tg) (Jj)

# Scope

# Teleporter Ordering

When multiple teleporters are active on the same frame, those with a higher value for this setting will be processed first.

Those with the same value will be processed in whatever order the engine chooses.

Useful when teleporting to an object that is teleporting to another object at the same time. Give the first object’s teleporter a higher order so it moves first, and then the second will follow to the same point.

# Affected Object

The linked object will be teleported by this gadget. (Jj) (Tg) (Tg)

Individual gadgets may be teleported. (Tg) Note that the top of the gadget will point in the Y direction of the tag, the front of the gadget will point in the Z direction of the tag, and the right of the gadget will point in the X direction of the tag. (Tg)