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Counts time to a target duration. (Jj) (Tg) The timer is considered “finished” when the current time is the same as the target time.

Memory: Costs 0.0061% of the things limit per gadget.

Tweak Menu

# Target Time

The duration the timer will run for.

# Current Time

The current time of the timer. Maximum is the target time.

# Timer Type

The type dictates how it reacts to the start signal, and how it views the progress of the timer in relation to the target time.

# Start Timer

Controls the timer, depending on the Timer Type used. (Tg)

# Timer Finished (Pulse)

Sends a pulse the moment the current time stops changing. (Pk) (Tg)

# Reset Timer

Resets the Current Time to 0 seconds, unless in Count Down mode. (Tg)

If you wire the “finished” pulse output to the “reset” input, the timer will begin again on the next logic frame, creating a loop and a pulse every Target Time seconds. (Jj) (Tg)

# Timer Output

Gives a 0 - 1 representation of the progress the timer has made towards the target time target. Think of it as a “progress” signal. (Pk) (Tg)

Sends current time ÷ target time, unless in Count Down mode. (Jj)

A good use for this is to control a Timeline’s playhead using a timer. (Tg)

# Timer Finished (Signal)

Sends a signal while the current time is the same as the target time. (Pk) (Tg)